A Not So Original Sin

by Caroline Corken

A Not So Original Sin

It had been a really long, really tiring day. Which wasn't made any better for the fact that there was still at least a couple of more hours to go before he could leave without giving the impression that he was far too good to be here. Which he actually thought he was, but everyone else didn't need to know that.

Lex Luthor was sitting at a table smiling politely through the after dinner speeches; trying his god-damn best not to say anything that might actually offend one of these good folk sitting around him. His policy so far had been to nod and smile and try not to say anything at all.

It had been quite a large wedding and because he was the boss of the bride's father he'd been offered an invite. One, which he'd been quite happy to leave to his secretary's skill at making annoying things disappear if it wasn't for the conversation he'd over heard at the Beanery concerning...

Looking across the best hotel dining room money could buy in Smallville, Lex caught a glimpse of Clark Kent sitting at a table with his mother. From what little he'd been able to make out from the table he was at, Jonathan had been unable to attend due to a 'really bad bout' of tonsillitis.

Lucky bastard.

Still, Lex hardly considered himself the cowardly sort. Practical maybe, but when it came to something he wanted, well, he wasn't afraid to go to the odd extreme every once in a while to get it. But he did feel out of place here. From the moment Lex had stepped into the church he'd felt a little uneasy. Not that he thought God had anything against him per say, more that the almighty herself was wise to the fact that Lex wouldn't have minded that position for himself.

No. It was the people around him that had set his teeth on edge.

At first it had hardly been noticeable. He'd smiled at all the right times. Even thought of pulling out a handkerchief just for effect but gave it up as a bad idea because really, who'd have believed it? Hell, he'd even had a go at singing one of the hymns, but he soon gave it up because the woman next to him simply drowned him out so what was the point.

Lex had suspected as he'd tied his tie this morning that he'd be bored today for a whole set of different reasons to the ones he was experiencing right now. People smiled at him, talked with him and had included him in what was a very important day for two sets of families. But every now and again little things would filter through in the conversation. Things that had surprised even him a little.

Problem was, they didn't even know they were doing it. They'd smile at you and tell you how their next door neighbour was a very nice man but then make vague assumptions that he was going straight to hell because he liked to crawl home every once in a while after a night out on the town with his friends. He'd been tempted to tell them about one of his tamer experiences at Zero, just to see the look on their faces, but he'd figured that it would be more than likely pity and he really didn't need that or want it.

One woman had complained to him about a lecturer at her University. He'd warned the class how his views on the world would perhaps seem insensitive to Christians and she had told Lex with a smile on her face about how she was lucky to have left his course and the University before she'd had to listen to him.

The service had been a little weird on to him too. All right, so he thought of himself a little differently from most; viewed the world in it's potential and saw a pretty damn good vision for it's future, especially if he got to make his contribution. But the minister had seemed fine talking about how the bride would be making herself submissive to her husband out of her devotion for God's law. Lex couldn't help but wonder at the bride just accepting something like that. Didn't these people realise that it really was 2002 already?

Lex was a man, but he knew better than to even think that women should be treated in any other way than as equals. Hell, if anything it made for some great sex. Plus, he truly couldn't see a woman like his mother saying something like that in a church and her and dad had gotten married nearly 25 years ago. In fact, if Lex had to marry he wouldn't want his bride to say something like that. Not that he had any plans on marriage, especially when he considered were his thoughts had been leading him recently. No, marriage wasn't something he was thinking about at all.

Now though, after what had been a pretty bland meal, Lex was sitting through a lot of very similar after-dinner speeches. He had thought of getting up himself, saying something fairly innocuous about the bride but he didn't know anything about scripture, which everyone else seemed to quote when they stood up. Wasn't there something that said do unto others, as you would have done to yourself? Images of Clark tied up and hard underneath him immediately sprang to mind and a grin had been covered quite nicely by something supposedly funny the bride's father had said.

Plus, there wasn't a drop of alcohol to be seen anywhere. As soon as the reception was over, he was sneaking off to the bar and getting vodka with just enough cola in it to make it look acceptable.

He really was the odd one out here. Why the hell had he come again?

Ah yes. Looking over again Clark was playing around with his dessert, looking a lot less happy with the situation than Lex, which he was sure would have been damn near impossible to do. His mother looked like she was having a nice time chatting away to the woman on her right, probably aware that her son was bored but ignoring it magnificently.

Lex of course could spot someone being uncomfortable a mile off. He'd been the cause of one or two moments of discomfort in his youth to be able to tell the difference between the two states of being. Clark was definitely uncomfortable.

Just then, Clark looked up and caught his eye and for the first time that day, Lex saw him smile. He'd seen glimpses of both mother and son at the church, but had been unable to make contact for people generally making nice with the boss. Still, smiling back wasn't hard to do, especially when he saw Clark's eyes light up a little. But then the woman who had for most of the day's proceedings been blocking his view, came back to her seat, sadly ending the first bright spot of Lex's day.

Lex excused himself as he stood. To hell with waiting. He was going to get that drink now.

The party was going on full swing by the time he'd collected and consumed half his drink. He'd been tempted to just swallow the whole thing down in one go in a bid to take the edge off, but common sense had prevailed. Orange juice was still the favourite tipple in the dance hall.

He was so tempted to just go on home, but the thought of leaving Clark to this by himself, even if he hadn't been able to get any where near him so far had been too much to bear.

See, this was why he didn't belong here. These people where happily getting married, planning their future together as a couple. All Lex had been able to think about recently was how hot it would be just to have Clark kiss the fuck out of him.

The music was still quite loud from the hallway, and deciding that he'd better get back to it, even if only so he could congratulate people before heading off he stepped in through the door, only to see that Clark was heading out.

Sure that he hadn't been seen, Lex backtracked out again and, spotting a door near-by opened it, pleased to see that it was simply a closet and stepped in side.

Clark had seen Lex early on in the day, but what with one thing and another, mainly his mother's friend Trudy, Clark had been forced to listen to several different women all coo about how tall he'd grown or how he'd lost all his puppy fat or something equally embarrassing. For the first time, Clark wondered what it would have been like if he'd crashed on a different planet.

Church wasn't something he'd had a lot of time for in his life. His parents went sometimes, but they'd never forced him to go and with the recent revelation that he wasn't actually from this earth he'd come to suspect that maybe they felt a little uncomfortable taking him there, 'cause he was pretty damn sure the bible didn't mention much about aliens from other planets. He guessed it mustn't take a lot to make an alien feel so...alienated, at these affairs.

So, feeling a little out of place, and perhaps not altogether comfortable, Clark had made a break for it as soon as the opportunity had come up.

Stepping out into the fresher air of the hall where the party was being held, he decided to scan the surrounding area for any glimpse of Lex.

Just as he was about to, a hand from out of nowhere grabbed the back of his shirt and with a quick tug, Clark found himself being pulled into a near empty utility cupboard.

He smiled when he was who it was.

"Lex? What are you doing in here?" Clark lifted an eyebrow in what he thought was a suitable conspiratorial fashion. "Hiding out?"

Lex ran a hand over his smooth head before smiling back at him. "Something like that. Having fun?"

"Well, I suppose. Well, actually, no. Not really. We Kent's aren't exactly big church goers." Clark leaned back against the now closed door. "What about you? Having a good time, 'cause to be honest, I would have thought something like this would have been beneath you."

Lex couldn't help but laugh at that remark, one which echoed his thoughts from earlier that day. "Have to keep up a good public image. Besides, I think I surprised a few people here today by not bursting into flames the minute I stepped into the church."

Another smile from Clark and suddenly today was worth everything.

"Seriously Lex. Why in here? In a broom closet of all places?"

Lex shrugged before reaching out past Clark, lifting a glass from a shelf just to the right of the door. He didn't fail to notice that, just for a second, Clark must have thought that he was reaching for him and a blush had spread wonderfully across his cheeks. And that he hadn't moved away.

According to what he'd heard so far today, Lex was already damned, so he thought he might as well be damned for something worthwhile.

He drank a little from his glass, passing it to Clark who looked at it curiously before taking it and drinking a sip.

"Wow. How much have you got in there?" He passed the glass back.

"Enough." He noticed the worried look on Clark's face and chuckled. "Don't worry Clark. This is nothing; besides which, I probably won't get to drink it all."

Disappointment next on Clarks face. "Are you heading home now?"

Lex shook his head. "Not yet." Time to commit Lex. He's here, standing in front of you. He's given you life when you should have died and the kind of friendship you've only ever dreamed about. He's the one person on this whole damn planet who actually gives a damn about what happens to you. Now are you going to take a chance or not?

Lex set the glass down on the floor, before looking up at Clark. "No. Not yet. I was just thinking about how I might be the only person at this party going to hell."

The whole conversation had just taken a turn for the weird and Clark didn't know why. Although he suspected that maybe Lex was talking about the Luthor public image again.

"Lex, just because you're a Luthor doesn't mean you're going to hell. Jeese..." Clark watched as Lex took a step closer to him and did it suddenly just get hot in here? "You're not...going to hell."

"I might be."

"Why? Why would you be going to hell Lex?" Clark smiled at him, sure that this conversation wasn't supposed to be taken seriously. Yet Lex wasn't answering him and he had this look of intense...something on his face. "Lex?"

Lex came a little closer, placing a hand against Clark's chest and suddenly Clark couldn't really think straight. "Because I've wanted to do this for quite a long time...Clark."

His name was spoken so softly and without even realising it, Clark moved forward just a little to meet him as Lex brought his lips to bear on Clarks.

Soft. That was the first word to hit Clark's brain, shortly followed by wet and hot and more and more and more.

Tongues. He opened his eyes wide as he felt Lex lick against his lips; a moment of panic as he realised that his hand had travelled to Lex's hip without even conscious thought, his finger's griping him hard, his tongue slick and smooth against Lex's own.

Clark couldn't think about anything more than wanting this to continue, because really, how the hell could he have been so blind to how much he wanted this?

Suddenly Lex pulled back, his hand reaching out, his fingers brushing against Clark's lips as if he couldn't believe what he'd just done and needed to feel them again to be sure. He smiled up at Clark, a look Clark hadn't seen anyone give him before but knew he could see again and again if he wanted to; a look close to something Clark had imagined Lana giving Whitney in some of his more dismal fantasies; one that promised him everything he ever wanted.

"I was wrong Clark. Completely and utterly wrong."

Too much too soon falling apart way too quickly. "What? No, Lex I enjoyed it. Really." He reached out his own hand, daring himself to touch that silk shirt covering his chest, feeling surprised as he spread his fingers wide over Lex's heart.

Lex covered that hand with his own. "No Clark, I meant about going to hell." He smiled at the younger man. "Not that I was serious about that in the first place, but what I just felt as I kissed you...it didn't feel wrong to me at all."

Sighing Lex pushed open the door, the music filtering through as they stood there. "Clark, I'm not going to push this. Take your time, think about things and...if you want..."

What Clark wanted was to pull Lex back inside the cupboard, but the look on Lex's face told him that wouldn't get him anywhere. "I'll know where to find you?"

Lex reached out his hand, trailing a finger down Clark's face, smiling at him. "I'm the guy who lives in a castle, I'm really not that hard to find." Clark watched as Lex gave him a smile that was laden with possibilities. "Although, be warned, I might be hard when you find me." He looked behind him as a group of teenagers came out the door from the party. "You'll promise me you'll think about it. Properly?"

Clark smiled at him. Properly? Sure. He could do properly. "All right. But I wouldn't count on waiting too long."

Lex just smiled at him before sticking his hands in his pockets and walking off to make his goodbyes, leaving Clark standing in the open doorway of the closet as a group of kids his own age he didn't know walked past him laughing.

Oh, he would think about Lex's offer. He could think about it tonight as he lay in bed, blushing slightly as thoughts about touching himself entered the scenario, a sharp intake of breath at the suddenly wonderful thought of Lex touching him instead. He'd probably not be able to think about much else.

Or he could think about it as he made his way over to the castle tonight after taking his mom home and climbing out his bedroom window. Maybe even give it a little thought as he tried using his tongue for far more inventive and fun reasons than he'd so far put it to use.

Oh yeah, he'd give it some thought all right.

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