A Man

by Ezrafreak

I am a man as a man I've been told

Bacon is brought to the house in this mold

Born of your bellies I yearn for the cord

Years I have groveled repentance ignored

I despise anyone person who blames LuthorCorp for the demise of Smallville.

If it does, it was before I was given the plant. Before I had control, and gave the

plant a thread of decency. I gave it it's humanity.

If you have a problem, go to Metropolis. Go complain to Lionel Luthor.

And I have been blamed

And I have repented

I'm working my way toward our union mended

I am a sociable person. I try.

There are people who will look me right in the eyes and lie to my face. There are people

who look me right in the eyes and ask me if I am alright.Those people are so rare. So naive.

So young. And not at all in the circle I need them to be to make a difference

For now,Clark stays in Smallville.

My life goes on in Metropolis.

The people I associate with, go on like I'm there. I'm forced to sit here, and look into the eyes of all the farmers.

Try to gain their trust. Be a god in their eyes.

Sometimes you don't want to be God.

I am man who has grown from a son

Been crucified by enraged women

I am son who was raised by such men

I'm often reminded of the fools I'm among

The Messiah complex. The urge to fix and help everyone. I want to be seen as great, as this amazing person.

This person with their long seperated father as their shadow. Someone always over my shoulder, making sure I fuck up just enough to keep the family name up to quota.

Look into their eyes. The farmers, and their children. I can see their hatred. While there are times I long

for love, and a chance to belong, I thrive on their hatred.

And I have been shamed

And I have relented

I'm working my way toward our union mended

And I have been shamed

And I have repented

I'm working my way toward our union mended

It's that look I search for in the eyes of woman. And I see it, before I get to know them. That look, like

they are actually comfortable in my presence. At ease. Until I speak, and the hostility comes pouring out

like hot lava.

What do you expect from a man raised with no mother.I know you're going to leave me. Let me use you like

I want to, and then we can both pretend like this never happened. You can even say you've never met me.

To me, you are nothing but an easy fuck.

we don't fare well with endless reprimands

we don't do well with a life served as a sentence

this won't work well if you're hell bent on your offence

I am a man who understands your resistance

I pity those who get attached to another living person. To live and breathe as that other person breathes. That dependence utterly frightens me. But because I am human, I want that. I want that dependence.

I want my freedom.

I want to live a life without those boundaries. And I want to get the hell out of Smallville.

Everytime I think of my escape, I think of the Kents. Clark's father can't wait for me to leave, because of something my father did. Me leaving would destroy their son.

But I never said loving me was easy.

I am a man who still does what he can

to dispel our archaic reputation

I am a man who has heard all he can

cuz I don't fare well with endless punishment

You can trust me. I've never done a thing to make you think otherwise. Of course, it doesn't mean that I won't trust you. For all I know, you're waiting to turn around and stab me in the back. Or take over the

one thing I am ashamed to carry on in my father's name.

Mess with my head. I have years of mind tricks on my side. Ignorance and bitter self assurance

gave me years of a thick skin.

I can take you.

Cuz I have been blamed and I have repented

I'm working my way toward our union mended

And we have been blamed and we have repented

I'm working my way toward our union mended

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